350 Oregon Chapters

350 Oregon is made up of the local chapters of 350.org, an international group dedicated to growing the grassroots climate movement.  We are working to in our local communities to fight fossil fuel export projects, put a statewide price on fossil pollution to hold polluters accountable, and divest our state, communities, and institutions from the fossil fuel industry.

350 PDX

350 Salem

350 Corvallis

350 Eugene

350 Deschutes

350 Oregon Central Coast

Keep It In The Ground Coalition

The Keep it in the Ground Coalition is a statewide coalition of grassroots organizations committed to reducing carbon levels in the atmosphere to the levels necessary to secure a safe and stable climate and keeping the amount of fossil fuels in the ground necessary to reach this goal. The coalition is made up of nine regional organizations spread around the state with groups in Southern Oregon, the Willamette Valley, Central Oregon, and the Columbia Gorge.

Southern Oregon Climate Action Now

Rogue Climate

Columbia Gorge Climate Action Network