It is wrong to destroy the Earth and its ecosystems and it is wrong to profit from that destruction.  Like the Divestment movement against apartheid before it, the divestment campaign against fossil fuel companies is quickly moving the climate fight into the public consciousness and shining light on the fact that 4/5 of known fossil fuel reserves must stay in the ground if we are going to avoid the worst effects of the climate crisis.  Oregon currently has dozens of active divestment campaigns ongoing at congregations, colleges, and in communities around the state with Multnomah County, the cities of Eugene and Ashland, and Jubitz, a national Foundation headquarters in Oregon, having already divested.

Links to Active Divestment Campaigns

The Oregon Climate Declaration

From the 8-hour work day to the Bottle Bill, from land use planning to public access to our beaches, Oregon has been a leader in environmental action. The Oregon Climate Declaration strives to make visible the more than one million Oregonians who are very concerned about global warming. Our goal is to have 100,000 Oregonians sign on to help make Oregon a national model in responding to climate change.

Sign the Oregon Climate Declaration